What next after the Career Quiz?

If you are reading this page, we guess that the Career Quiz has suggested a role in the care sector might suit you…

What does it mean and what should you do? What’s the next step? 

First up, it’s important to remember that the Career Quiz is pretty reliable, but its advice is also generic. Everyone is different and what you do must be right for you.

When it comes to a career change, there are some important things to think through. Here are a few suggestions to start:

1)  Find out more about what the sector can offer you

Our Starting Out pages contain loads of information to help you get a sense of what the sector is about. Imagine yourself in this kind of workplace. How does it feel?

2) Think about your priorities

What would a successful career change look like for you? What factors will be important? Try filling in these boxes – it will help you clarify your objectives.


Ask yourself this question

What works for me /what’s important to me

Job satisfaction

What will make a job fulfilling for me?

Hours worked

How many hours and when am I prepared to work?


How far am I prepared to travel for work?


How much do I need to maintain my lifestyle?


What other factors are important to me?

Remember there’s no single answer for everyone and lots of possibilities, so take your time to explore your options. We’re here to help.

3) Identify the kind of job(s) that would suit you

Check some front line support roles here

4) Get job-ready

Use the advice in Career Advice and Tips to prepare yourself. 

5) Go for it!

When you’re ready, make that application. Good Luck!