Graduate employment: Allied Health

Finding a job can be a challenging experience for recent graduates as you are often competing against more experienced people for the same positions. 

However you do have advantages:

  • Up-to-date knowledge gained through recent study
  • Good technological skills
  • Less working experience can actually be a plus, as you might adapt more readily to an employer’s way of working

If you are looking to the long term, the Disability Career Planner shows the variety of paths your career could take.

Allied Heath graduates are of particular interest to the Disability Sector.  

Allied Health professionals (AHPs) are an integral part of the disability workforce, supporting people with disability to maximise their potential and live the best life possible.

Early childhood intervention (ECI) services have a high level of Allied Health practitioners in their workforce, as do adult disability services where there is a strong focus on therapy intervention.

These workers include speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and social workers.  It is common for AHPs to work part time in the disability sector and part time in private practice.

This kind of flexibility is also valuable if you are planning further studies.

Starting out?

Look to the Specialist & Professional Services job family in the Disability Career Planner to see where a career in an Allied Health profession might take you.

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