The sector - disability



What is disability?

A disability is any continuing condition that restricts everyday activities.  The main categories of disability are physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, cognitive and intellectual.   Physical disability is most common type of disability, followed by intellectual and sensory disability. One in five Australians has some sort of disability, and many of them have multiple disabilities.  With the assistance of appropriate aids and services, the restrictions experienced by many people with a disability can be overcome.

What is the disability sector?

The disability sector is comprised of thousands of organisations, large and small, operating in every part of Australia, which provide services to people with disability. Many of the organisations operate on a not for profit basis. The huge diversity of the people they support means that the services that they provide are many and varied; what they have in common is the desire to improve the lives of people with disability   

What is it like to work in the disability sector?

The diversity of the sector’s service providers means there is also a huge variety of roles in the workforce.  Whatever their position, most people enter the sector because they want to make a difference. carecareers has a guide to the sector roles as well as links to the job board showing all the latest vacancies. You can read about the rewards and benefits as well as hear from workers themselves in True Stories.

What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a once in a generation reform designed to deliver greater choice and control for participants – people with disability and their families.  The NDIS is now rolling out across the country bringing with it a massive expansion of the disability sector.  It is estimated that the disability workforce will double in size. Read more on the NDIS site.