Ted Hutchinson

As you will quickly pick up from watching the “Nicky & Ted” video, Ted Hutchinson was a warm, funny and highly intelligent man who quickly endeared himself to our film crew.

What they might not have appreciated at the time was the depth of Ted’s courage in making the video, as while filming was taking place his condition was worsening and shortly after its completion, Ted sadly passed away.

carecareers is deeply indebted to Ted and his family for allowing us to proceed with using his story as a window into work in the community sector. Ted himself was determined that the video be finished and screened, and left strict instructions that “the show must go on”.

In the few short months since it was first put to air, the ‘Nicky & Ted’ video has already encouraged thousands of people to consider a career in our sector. Ted continues to be an inspiration to them and to us, and we like to think that he would be very pleased about that.