Nicky & Ted

Nicky who left her well-paying job in advertising to enter the community care sector and discovering a rewarding career choice. Her kids have commented on how happy she is now too. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

After her mum died Nicky was left without that older generation in her family. She loves working with Ted and Janet and her other clients because she maintains that connection and closeness with the older generation. She’s a bit like a younger daughter to Ted and Janet, or a younger family friend.



Nicky loves Ted’s art and she’s been an enormous help to Ted preparing for his final exhibition that opened on November 10th 2012.

Specifically she’s been helping him select the artworks to include, and she has also taken it upon herself to drop flyers around, write a press release for the local paper and invite a group of her friends out on a girl’s night out for opening night, all in aid of promoting the event.

During her visits Nicky’s acts as a companion for Ted and discusses politics, art, to laugh with, have a cup of tea and biscuit, and to help him with any research or admin he needs doing. She also accompanies him on outings on his scooter to the shops or on the train.

Ted is an intelligent man who has had a challenging career as an accountant and then management consultant and many happy years travelling and painting with his wife, Janet.

He’s extremely fond of Nicky and appreciative of how easily she fits into his life and does whatever he needs of her. He also has a keen sense humour and enjoys light bantering with Nicky.