Linda & Mr Lam


Born in Malacca in 1915, Mr Lam experienced a lot in his 95 years, with many ups and downs, bitter and sweet.

Having moved with his father at an early age to live in Beijing, he later worked as a teacher until exchanging the pen for the sword as China went to war.

At the rise of the communist party he found himself unable to live under their ideals and moved to Hong Kong where he first owned a farm, then worked in a bank, before eventually settling in his favourite place of all, Australia.


Mr Lam (19i5 - 2010)



Although in his nineties, Mr Lam’s brain still functioned as well as ever and he still had an active lifestyle, as a member of his local bowling club, a keen gardener and practitioner of Tai Chi.

When his wife passed away he sometimes felt lonely. A loneliness alleviated by his paid care workers’ visits, because to Mr Lam the simple act of sitting, talking and joking about life brought him all the happiness he needed.

And funnily enough, even though he had almost a century of life experience to share, he believed he learnt more from his paid care staff than they did from him.

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