Maria & Gerard

Born with down syndrome, Gerard is a young man with many goals in life, one of which was to get a good job, and the second, to become a famous actor. Maria started working with Gerard at the beginning of 2008 and the two of them have formed a solid working relationship; built largely on trust in one another and Maria’s unflagging faith in Gerard’s potential to succeed.



Within a short time Maria and Gerard worked together to achieve his goals, with Gerard winning Best Male Actor at the Australian Tropfest short film awards and securing a Part Time job.

Gerard then secured a role as Theatre Operator at Riverside Theatres in 2011 which he is still doing today. "I like the staff of Riverside as they are nice people to work with and I like being around theatres," Gerard told us.

Maria and Gerard both share the same philosophy in life, and that is, in Gerard’s words “To follow your dreams and go for it. Help other people. Help them to communicate. Help them to solve their problems and their other upsets. Help them to keep going.”

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