Workmate of the Year - Wall of Fame


In our annual Workmate of the Year award, we ask you to tell us what makes your colleague stand out - the special qualities that make her or him a contender for the coveted title.  

And reading the entries is our best task all year because of the warmth and generosity with which you describe your co-workers.

Truly some great people work in this sector!

Here are some of the lovely things that you have said about the nominees:


  • Adell Harrison - The happiness and smiles I see from the people she supports says it all.
  • Andrew Fairbairn - He lights up a room. Kind, trustworthy and compassionate.
  • Anita Morgan - Fair, compassionate, fun 
  • Ben Brown - The energy he gives off just encourages  you to deliver.
  • Beryl Smith  - Good listener who ensures that everyone has a voice.
  • Catherine Helmer - Compassionate, cheerful, hardworking.
  • Charissa Lamb - A fun, dedicated worker and a pleasure to know.
  • Christa Eastland - Always makes work enjoyable and fun.
  • Deacea Broadhurst - Never says no to lending me a hand or to answering my silly questions.
  • Dolly Allan -  Never judges others,is patient and takes the time to get to know people and understand their needs
  • Erika Carter - Lovely,kind ,listening.
  • Gail Sibthorpe Melluish -  Organised, happy, positive and diligent. Always looking to make life easier. 
  • Graham Ross -  Approachable. Great decision maker. Well Balanced & Kind.
  • Jacinta Grima - Her compassion and kind heart rubs off on to all who work alongside her.
  • Jason Finch - Supportive, considerate, compassionate.
  • Jean Cool - Enthusiastic, Caring, Motivated
  • Jo Lemarseny - Completely invested in getting the best from people.
  • Jonathan Wheatley - Makes the time to share his knowledge and skills.
  • Josy Gomes - Her smile is infectious and uplifting.  Always eager to give a helping hand.
  • Julia Sargent - Wonderful person to work with.
  • Julie Gray  - A manager's dream employee. Reliable, loyal, flexible, and uses her positive initiative to mitigate  day to day spot fires.
  • Julie Pell - An inspiration to others in our workplace
  • Leon Kemble - Easy going but tough when needed.
  • Lillian Turner - Reminds people of the strengths they possess.
  • Madeleine Gates - A fantastic, humble leader who leads by example
  • Marcus Pearce - A calming face to our clients, all who have a disability. Everyone here loves Marcus.
  • Mary Mueller - Caring, empathetic and a wonderful person.
  • Melanie McLeod - Gentle with her words but determined in her approach.
  • Nicki Ashenden -  If she could, would give 101%
  • Pearl Quintana - Looks at people as individuals and does not make assumptions.
  • Raylene Gregson - Will always step up to support a client in need.
  • Rhonda Partridge - A great role model of genuine kindness and caring.
  • Rohan Foy - A great manager, he is very helpful and understanding to his team.
  • Roslyn Solomon  - Just her personality,always smiling & does a good job 
  • Sarah Colley - Always looking for ways to improve the lives of employees.
  • Sagarika  Malawanna - Never has a down day! Always in happy spirits and brings a lot of joy and laughter to work! 
  • Scott Dobbin - Makes work fun, and appreciates our hard working efforts
  • Shannon Sutton - Passionate and professional but also brings the element of fun into our workplace every day.
  • Stephanie Alderton  - Willing to tackle any jobs that are asked of her
  • Sue Hayden - Always goes above and beyond what is expected of her.
  • Tarnia Mastrullo - She is a joy to be around, always happy. 
  • Terrie Stackman -  Awesome sense of humour. Residents love her and so do staff.
  • Tom Wolf -  Easy going and creates a calm environment for all
  • Urszula Kingswell - Demonstrates true compassion with everyone that she comes in contact with.
  • Victor Leong - Also shows over whelming support to his colleagues.
  • Warden Curtis- Very supportive, always there when needed.
  • Warren McGaw - Always the last to leave.... often the first to arrive.



Does someone you know deserve similar praise?  Nominate them for Workmate of the Year Here