Write adverts that attract talent

The clearer and more concise your advert, the better your response will be. A good job advertisement simply sells the organisational benefits and the needs of the employer, whilst also selling the benefits of the role.

carecareers will ask for the following information when advertising your vacancy with us:

  • Job title – to help candidates access your roles, use recognised job titles from the list we will provide
  • Location – we will provide a list of locations for you to choose from
  • Employment status – please state whether the role is Full Time, Part Time, Casual or Volunteer
  • Selling points – to make your advert more effective, provide three selling points


You'll also need to provide a description of the role which we recommend you break into the following sections, which we call the AIDA process:

  • Attention – grab the attention of the reader by using short, descriptive wording to best sum the role up. To maintain the reader’s attention, keep the copy short but enticing. Also, remember to highlight the sector-specific benefits where possible
  • Interest – describe the responsibilities of the vacancy and what you expect the successful candidate will do on a daily basis
  • Desire – detail only the necessary past experience, qualifications or behavioural characteristics that you desire in the ideal applicant
  • Application – sum up the role and guide the candidate into applying