Person-centred People Management Resources

Person-centred People Management Resources


In an NDIS environment choice and control is not only important to individuals being supported, but equally to the dedicated staff and volunteers essential to service provision. Having a workforce that is responsive, innovative and customer-focused is crucial to organisational success. 



The suite of resources has been designed to support the practical application of the Disability Workforce Capability Framework and integrate person-centred practice within your organisational and workforce culture.

Tools, Tips, Techniques and Templates have been conveniently aligned to five categories Job Design, Recruitment and Selection, Supervision, Performance Management and Volunteer Management. 

To assist you navigate Person-centred People Management Resources we have created three roadmaps. These roadmaps address key workforce challenges in question form and the relevant resources available.‚Äč

Resources can be found using the category of interest and can be further filtered using the questions from the roadmaps. 

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