Workforce Promotion: Jobseekers


Thinking about a career in the disability sector?  These links will help you:

·   carecareers

carecareers is first stop if you are thinking about working in disability. Take our Career Quiz to find out what kind of role would best suit you. You can also read about the wide variety of roles in the sector, and get advice and tips to secure the one you want.

· National Disability Practitioners

NDP is an initiative of National Disability Services (NDS). NDP Is a support organisation for people working in the disability sector, and has a massive amount of resources on offer. It is a member organisation, well worth joining if you are entering the disability sector.

· The Victorian Government Careers in Disability Site

This covers everything from courses to career options to the stories of people in the field. This is a terrific Victorian-specific resource and also has more usefiul links to other sites that will help you start your disability career.

· Australian Government Job Jumpstart

This is a short video to get you going and considering your options in disability.

· Job Outlook

The Federal Government Job Outlook provides practical information on aged care and disability services careers roles, job prospects, tasks and qualification pathways.


· is a job database for organisations whose primary focus is contributing to a more equitable, more just or more environmentally sustainable world. This is a fantastic way to search for jobs in the disability sector.


· National Disability Insurance Agency

The NDIA is the federal body that runs the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The NDIS is the heart and soul of the way disability now works. Working for them is a great career option, as there are many varied roles. These range from working directly with individuals with a disability, through to roles like project coordination and back of house. This web page has everything you need to know about working with the NDIA.


· Workability Queensland

This is the web page for Workability in Queensland. The page is no longer being updated, and is not Victoria specific, but it still contains some great resources and information in working in the disability sector, including information on what disability jobs entail and what courses are available


Workability Careers in Disability videos:





· Future Social Service Institute

This is a web page about supporting the social service workforce of the future, including disability. It includes information on study, workforce projects, scholarships, news and other info. Whilst high level, it sets the scene for the importance of growing the disability workforce.

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