Workforce Promotion: Employers

There is a range of valuable resources for employers in this sector:

· NDS Workforce Hub 

This is the primary workforce website for National Disability Services, and collates a broad range of practical resources for disability employers. This is a terrific guide for employers on how to build, optimise, know and develop your workforce. Full of great information on recruiting and retaining good staff, how the workforce situation affects you, workplace relations and many other topics.


· NDS Allied Health Resource Hub 

This NDS Allied Health Workforce Resources has been developed to assist the sector to meet the challenge of ensuring a sustainable Allied Health Workforce in the context of NDIS. If you are in this field, this information will help you make your business successful in any currently thin market.


· Innovative Workforce Fund 

This is a showcase of projects that engage, develop and utilise workforce in new ways to support people with disability under the NDIS. If you want examples of how others have dealt with challenges, this is the place for you. Full of insights and clever ideas, this is an ideal way of not 'reinventing the wheel'


· Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  employment guide and toolkit 

This guide and toolkit was developed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment across the disability sector. Indigenous staff are under-represented in the NDIS, but have great potential. Having Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees is great for your diversity and for tapping into indigenous populations and participants in Australia.


· Victorian Government Careers in Disability

This website covers everything from courses to career options to the stories of people in the field. This is a terrific Victorian specific resource, and also has more terrific links to other sites in the sector. Whilst this is primarily aimed at job seekers, it has great information for employers too.


· Building the Local Care Workforce

This is a great site from the Federal Department of Social Services, which has more practical ways for businesses to thrive under the NDIS. This includes lists of the supports available through government programs for providers to grow their workforce. These are specific strategies that will be useful, and take advantage of everything available in the sector.


·  Department of Social Services Guide to employing a person with a Disability

This is a great and concise guide to the benefits and process of employing a person with a disability. This is another great area to tap into if you can, especially considering that the lived experience of people with a disability can bring powerful insights to their professional position.


· Future Social Service Institute

This is a web page about supporting the social service workforce of the future, including disability. It includes information on study, workforce projects, scholarships, news and other information. Whilst high level, it sets the scene for the importance of growing the disability workforce.