People Search

You’ve been using carecareers to find out about jobs, now let employers find you!  People Search is an exciting new development which can increase your chances of being offered the right job.

What is it?

carecareers’ new People Search is like the job board, but in reverse.  Instead of jobs, People Search lists jobseekers like you.  Employers can use it to find the people they want for their roles, and make contact if they find a good match.  You can use it to attract the right employers.  If you’re serious about a career in this sector you should be on People Search.

How do I get on it?

You just need to add a few details when you register, or update your profile if you have already registered.  It only takes a few minutes. Then you tick the ‘Make my profile searchable’ option and employers will be able to find you. Start here

Your profile can highlight your skills, experience and special attributes.  Use the short description as your 'elevator pitch' to help you stand out in search results. See a sample profile here.

Questions? See our People Search FAQ


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