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PO Box 1157

Down Syndrome Tasmania

The Association was formed in 1984 with the principal aim of helping families of children with Down syndrome, and in particular, to help children to realise their full potential. The types of people who join the Association are parents and/or guardians of children and adults with Down syndrome; and professionals, or persons, interested in the welfare of people with Down syndrome generally.


Our mission is to encourage and provide support for people with Down syndrome to achieve their goals


A community that includes and supports people with Down syndrome and their families


  • Portray the positive role that people with Down syndrome can play within the community
  • Promote the need for accommodation, recreation and support facilities
  • Provide support and assistance to parents of children, families and people with Down syndrome
  • Ensure new parents of babies with Down syndrome have ongoing access to any support avaliable
  • Campaign for educational facilities and programs to be avaliable for all people with Down syndrome 
  • Drive community awareness and understanding of Down syndrome


  • Assessment and case management
  • Australian Disability Enterprise
  • Community access/Social participation
  • Disability Employment Network
  • Skills development
  • Social development

  • Complex support
  • High and complex support
  • High and low support
  • High support
  • High/low and complex support

  • Community Care Worker
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Employment Development Officer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Social Educator
  • Volunteer
  • Youth Worker