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5 Nundah St

Community Living Association Inc

CLA supports young people at risk, and people with a disability to help themselves. CLA has supported the establishment of a housing co-operative run by its members, a social enterprise to provide employment, and a victims of crime service.
Company Overview
CLA supports people with disabilities, young people at risk of early school leaving and homelessness, young people transiting from Child Safety. 
Projects include housing, literacy, employment creation, art and music, mental and physical wellbeing, family and relationship support, money management and parenting.
Community Living Association Inc works with people with an intellectual or other cognitive Disability to:
  1. Set up their own business -  Painting fences,  Mowing lawns , Making biscuits
  2. Produce poetry 
  3. Be a member of a workers co-operative  - Work in a cafe, Be part of the maintenance crew,  Be a director of the Co-op, Visit the Nundah Community Enterprise Co-operative website
  4. Have secure and affordable housing
  5. Manage their own Housing Company; to be its Director and live in their own housing 
  6. Be writers and performers
  7. Find meaningful roles in the community
  8. Go adventuring
  9. Raise Families
  10. Maintain physical and mental health
  11. Save money
  12. Get a driver’s license
  13. Form friendships
  14. Develop skills
  15. Live alone or with other housemates
  16. Sit on the CLA Board as Directors
  17. Speak publicly
  18. Achieve learning goals
  19. Save for a good quality car


  • Community access/Social participation
  • Respite and support

  • Complex support
  • High support
  • Low support

  • Community Care Worker
  • Coordinator
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Manager/Supervisor
  • Residential Support Worker
  • Team Leader
  • Volunteer