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Level 3 - 95-99 York Street,
New South Wales

Assessments Australia

Assessments Australia provides new and exciting opportunities to its assessments and support planning health care professionals, with diverse work opportunities across the disability, child welfare, work cover, aged care and insurance and legal sectors. Experienced administrative staff refers work for the benefit of each individual based on their location, availability, skill, experience and working situation.

Assessments Australia has delivered assessment and related services on behalf of the Federal Government, Ageing, Disability and Home Care, NSW, the Victorian Department of Human Services, the QLD Department of Communities and all major state disability agencies. This independent, adaptive and collaborative experience assists people with disabilities to receive the support they need.


  • Children's services
  • Community access/Social participation
  • Disability Employment Network
  • Foster care

  • Complex support
  • High and complex support
  • High and low support
  • High support
  • High/low and complex support
  • Low and complex support
  • Low support

  • Disability Support Worker
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Speech Pathologist