Looking for work

So you know the kind of position you’re after?  It’s time to go and find it. 

The first place to look is the carecareers job board - the no.1 job site for the Disability, Community and Aged Care sector. It has a huge selection of roles on offer.  You can search by keyword, and filter the results any way you like to find the roles that interest you.

New jobs are posted on the job board every day.  

Save time by setting up a Job Alert

An easy way to keep track of the opportunities is to set up a Job Alert which notifies you whenever jobs you might be interested in are posted to the job board.

Job Alerts are designed to save you time and effort. The jobs you are looking for will come to you!

You say what sort of jobs you are interested in – registration takes less than a minute.   

Job Alerts which list all the new roles will then be emailed to you at the frequency of your choice.  You can check them from any smartphone or computer.

To start, simply register as a Jobseeker here, then click on “Create a Job Alert

Start now

Even if you are not ready to make an application just yet, setting up a job alert will answer a number of questions for you, including:

  • How often do these jobs come up? 
  • Does this kind of role vary much from organisation to organisation?
  • Which organisations hire most frequently?
  • How close to my home are the vacancies?

You should also complete your profile in People Search so that the right employers can find you.

And if you’re still not seeing the role that suits you, contact us on  info@carecareers.com.au to talk about your options.

And as a bonus...

When you register to set up a job alert you’ll be able to access some EXCLUSIVE content.