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Ensuring that people with disability have access to enough disability workers with the needed values, capabilities and skills to meet their support needs, has been identified as one of the main challenges for the success of the NDIS.

The disability workforce is the result of a complex system of multiple cross sector stakeholders in which the actions of any one shapes the responses and actions of all the others.  Therefore, no single policy, government department, organisation or program can tackle this challenge alone. It requires all individuals to not only work together, but also to collectively take responsibility for finding solutions.


The Workforce Impact Collective initiative will use a Collective Impact Approach to bring together and support people and organisations with diverse perspectives, insights and ideas to collectively develop a shared vision and agenda for action; to trial innovative workplace and worker system reforms and share the learning.

To explore and design the best ways to build, retain and sustain the disability support workforce, we need the combined knowledge, experience and coordinated effort of many kinds of people and organisations.

The ACT Government (funded by the Commonwealth NDIS Sector Development Fund) has tasked National Disability Services to facilitate this process, but the Workforce Impact Collective will be responsible for setting the direction, designing practical solutions and deciding how money will be spent in this initiative (within a set budget).

From now until April 2019 the Workforce Impact Collective will work together to:

  1. Understand the landscape and the existing work already underway
  2. Work together to establish common goals and shared measures
  3. Pursue priorities in a coordinated way, build on existing efforts, honour current efforts and engage established organisations/groups/initiatives that align with the aim of this initiative.

Levels of Involvement

The table below explains the levels of influence and commitment attached to the four levels of involvement in the Workforce Impact Collective.


Level of influence

Level of commitment

1. Core

Together with other core stakeholders you have final decision-making power, drive decision making and the implementation of the whole initiative.

You/your organisation will be a core decision maker by being part of the steering group which will meet at least monthly

2. Involved

You provide direction to the key decisions that shape the initiative (e.g. the common agenda) and will have regular opportunities to provide in-depth feedback to the core steering group.

You/your organisation will get regular updates and be asked to provide direction by attending stakeholder group meetings or through other correspondence periodically

3. Supportive

You are willing to provide some support and input on goals, process, metrics and strategies of the initiative, but no guarantee of influence.

You will be kept informed on our progress and will occasionally be asked (but not required) to provide feedback or engage with the initiative

4. Interested

You are being kept informed about progress, insights and learnings, but not be directly involved in the work

You will be kept informed on our progress and may be asked for occasional comment (input)

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