Employment Services Delivery (ESD) 5

ESD 5 roles are generally frontline positions, which means you are working directly with people with disability. You will make a real difference to a person’s life by using your practical employment services skills and experience to support individuals achieve their employment goals and aspirations. Role titles within ESD 5 include:
  • Employment Facilitator
  • Employment Consultant
  • Employment Adviser
As an ESD 5, you’ll support a person with disability to achieve employment-related goals. Due to your experience, you’ll be able to resolve and tailor support in a range of complex situations involving the person’s skills and job readiness. You’ll also build strong working relationships with employers and agencies.
You’ll have an in-depth knowledge of one or more key aspects of the work provided by the team, you may lead, train or guide other staff and be responsible for own caseload. 
Qualifications and experience
Employers will specify qualification or equivalent experience requirements for particular roles at this level.
However, the range of qualifications or training and experience that align with an ESD 5 are equivalent to a Vocational and Educational Training Diploma, Advanced Diploma or an Associate Degree.
But don’t be too worried if you don’t have any formal qualifications or training in disability, as you’ll almost certainly have other skills, experience, capabilities and transferable qualifications that are extremely useful and that will help contribute to having a successful and enjoyable career in the disability sector.
Having the right attitude and a desire to make a difference are two other important qualities that you’ll need as an ESD 5. 

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