Direct Service Delivery (DSD) 6

DSD 6 roles are generally frontline positions, which means you are working directly with people with disability and making a real difference to a person’s life by supporting them to achieve their individual goals and aspirations, and to live in the community as they choose. Role titles within DSD 6 include:
  • Recreation Activities Officer
  • Program Coordinator
  • Case Worker
  • Allied Health Therapy Assistant
  • Professional Support Worker
As a DSD 6, the major component of your role is ensuring the provision of appropriate assistance and support to people to achieve their goals. You’ll be doing this by always using a person-centred approach and supervising others to do the same to make sure the best and individualised support is provided to each person.  
As a DSD 6, you’ll also have a significant practical knowledge of the work area and services provided, as such you’ll also assist with planning and the evaluation of services/supports offered.  Due to your experience, you’ll often work in a supervisory team leader role, providing performance feedback to individuals in the team.  You’ll also have strengths in establishing and maintaining appropriate community links, referral and administration processes and systems that support the delivery of quality disability services. 
Qualifications and experience
Employers will specify qualification or equivalent experience requirements for particular roles at this level. However, the range of qualifications or training and experience that align with a DSD 6 are equivalent to a Vocational and Educational Training Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree with experience, or a 3 year degree.
But you don’t worry if you don’t have formal qualifications or training in disability, as you’ll most certainly have other skills, experience, capabilities and qualifications that are extremely useful and will help contribute to having a successful and enjoyable career in the disability sector. Having the right attitude and a desire to make a difference are two other important qualities that you’ll need as a DSD 6.

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