Corporate Services (CS) 9

People in corporate service roles in the disability sector use professional business skills and experience to assist the organisation to operate efficiently and effectively. 
There is a diverse range of roles within the CS job family such as:
  • Human Resources Advisers
  • Quality Managers
  • Financial Accountants
  • IT Network Engineers
  • People and Culture Consultants
  • Learning and Development Consultants
  • Procurement Specialists
As a CS 9, you’re an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of several areas within your discipline. You’ll support the business of the disability organisation you work for by undertaking standard professional tasks with thorough and advanced competence. You have substantial knowledge of relevant industry and business practice and organisation systems, policies and processes and as such are able to provide advice and support to business areas in meeting compliance requirements.
Due to your experience, you may guide less experienced professional staff, lead a team and/or coordinate corporate services or service supports for a designated program or organisation area.
Qualifications and experience
There are job roles in the CS job family where formal qualifications and practice registration are a pre-requisite. Employers will specify qualification or equivalent experience requirements for particular roles. To be considered for a CS 9 role, you will be a fully proficient professional and will generally be required to have a relevant tertiary qualification and/or equivalent. However, as there is always more to learn, you’ll also be expected to undertake regular professional development to increase your knowledge and skill set.
CS 9 roles are challenging and rewarding. Through your contribution, you’re ensuring that the organisation you work for is making a positive difference to the lives of people with disability. 

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