Business Growth and Positioning (BGP) 11

If you’re interested in a career in marketing, communications, fundraising and/or business development in the disability sector, then Business Growth and Positioning (BGP) is the right place for you! Here you’ll find all you’ll need to know about the BGP 11 roles in this job family. 
People in the BGP job family use their professional skills and experience to assist disability service providers to grow and to communicate effectively. There is a diverse range of roles available in the BGP job family such as:
  • Business Development Managers
  • Fundraising Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • Communications Specialists
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing and Communications Advisers
As a BGP 11, you’re a senior professional with additional deep and/or broad specialised knowledge in a specific discipline such as marketing, communications, fundraising and/or business development.
Due to your extensive experience, you’re viewed as expert in your given field and you provide expert advice and assistance to senior managers and other professional staff within the organisation. As a part of your role, you’ll undertake strategic organisation of business systems and policy development work at an expert level, and apply sound commercial and business practice.
You’ll also manage changes in the organisation’s approach and undertake projects and/or develop campaigns. Again, because of your experience, skills and knowledge in your field, you may manage function-specific projects, or a function in an organisation, and a small number of professional staff,.
Qualifications and experience
Even if you don’t have formal qualifications or training in disability, you’ll certainly have other skills, knowledge, capabilities and transferable qualifications and experience that will support you to have a successful and enjoyable career in the disability sector. 
Each employer will specify qualification or equivalent experience requirements for particular roles in the Business Growth and Positioning job family.  However, to be considered for a BGP 11 role, it’s crucial that you have a relevant tertiary qualification and generally a post-graduate qualification in a related specialist area.
You’ll also have a broad understanding of your organisation, the disability sector, professional practices and internal/external operating environments.

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