Business Enterprises (BE) 11

If you’re interested in a career at an Australia Disability Enterprises (ADEs) or a social enterprise in the disability sector, the Business Enterprises (BE) job family is the right place for you!  Read on to find out about the career options in this job family. 
People in BE roles use professional business skills and experience to enable business enterprises to operate and grow effectively. Through this work people in BE roles support a range of sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability. 
What is required at a BE 11?
As a BE 11, you’re a senior professional with broad understanding of the organisation and business enterprises. A key part of your role is managing resource allocation and the prioritisation of significant changes to service or organisation requirements, as well as managing critical customer relationships and being able to sell services in a competitive environment.
You’re viewed as an expert in your given field and therefore will be able to provide expert advice and assistance to senior managers and other professional staff.
Due to your extensive experience you may supervise a team of professionals, team leaders and/or technical and administrative staff delivering a variety of aspects of the business, and you’ll ensure performance requirements, productivity measures and key performance indicators (KPIs) are met by these individuals and teams.
Qualifications and experience
Even if you don’t have formal qualifications or training in disability, you’ll certainly have other skills, knowledge, capabilities and transferable qualifications and experience that will support you to have a successful and enjoyable career in the disability sector. 
Each employer will specify qualification or equivalent experience requirements for particular roles in the Business Enterprises job family.  However, to be considered for a BE 11 role, you will generally have a relevant tertiary qualification and may have a post-graduate qualification in a related specialist area.
You’ll also have a broad understanding of your organisation, the disability sector, professional practices, legislative and compliance requirements and internal/external operating environments.
BE 11 roles are rewarding and challenging. Through your skills and experience, you’re able to make a positive difference to the lives of people with disability through meaningful employment opportunities. 

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