Who does the sector suit?

Do you ever ask yourself what career is right for me? The disability and community care sector offers a number of benefits that, for many, are exactly what they are looking for in their career and life.

Those looking for more flexibility in their careers, for greater challenges, and for a career where what they do is better aligned to their personal and professional values – are often very well suited to this sector. 

Here’s a quick look at the wide range of people that really ‘fit’ the sector.

Career changers – the sector often attracts people who are after a career change, like the Chief Financial Officer of a global finance company who became the Chief Executive Officer of a service providing support to clients with spinal cord injuries.

Mature employees – mature age workers like Sylvia are often looking for a role that allows them to participate in community life whilst fitting in with their lifestyle. Working with Meals on Wheels allows her to support older people in their homes in a way others had supported her own mother.

Return to work parents – the sector is a good choice for parents like Debbie who returned to work after a career break. She leads an art program with clients who have Down syndrome, and finds that the problem solving, lateral thinking and creative skills she developed in parenthood are put to good use in this sector.

School leavers, students and young adults – students like Poppy often work Part Time during their studies. Poppy is a double honours student who has worked in a respite home and as a community access program facilitator for clients with cerebral palsy.

A Frontline Support Worker with elderly client