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Workforce Wizard


Are you a disability service provider wondering what the NDIS will mean for the workforce?

Workforce Wizard is the free tool you’ve been waiting for!

Launched nationally in October 2015, it’s a simple on-line application that allows you to enter disability workforce data on a regular quarterly basis, and benchmark yourself against other similar workforces.

  • As you enter your data, you generate a profile report of trends in your own workforce.
  • Once the two-week data entry period closes, you log in to compare your workforce metrics with those of others and with the comparative data NDS updates regularly.
  • The benchmark report below is an example of the type of data you receive.

 Example Graph from the Workforce Wizard

Phase 1 of Workforce Wizard, based on consultation with services, found that they wanted to know about:

  • Use of casual and permanent, full-time and part-time workers
  • Turnover 
  • Workforce demographics

Workforce Wizard is a work in progress. As more people join, NDS will expand the metrics collected to meet industry needs. 

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