Why is this required?

carecareers’ aim is to help you find as quickly and efficiently as possible those role(s) which most interest and best suit you.  
In order to do that we interact with a wide variety of websites and search engines, and by replicating their geolocation systems (the ways in which they identify something as being in a certain place) we maximise the possibility of a perfect match.
Why does carecareers need to know my home address?
By entering your home address you enter information that populates your online profile which you can send to a potential employer, if and only if you choose to do so. 
Otherwise your address remains hidden.  It simply provides a marker for the Google maps locator which uses distances from a certain point to make matches.  If for example the locator identified that you live less than 25km from the work location of a relevant job, our system could be prompted to notify you, but again only if you choose. You are in complete control. 
In addition, many aspects of the work and the associated legislative frameworks in our sector vary in different jurisdictions (States and Territories). By knowing your home address we have the best chance of ensuring that the advice you receive is relevant and appropriate to where you live.
carecareers does not send any unsolicited mail to your street address; neither do we forward your street address or any other personal details to third parties without your permission.
What are the ‘preferred locations’?
The areas listed in ‘preferred locations’ are industry standard regions which advertisers and employers have traditionally used to classify and map workplaces across Australia.  
By selecting a ’preferred location’ you identify the region in which you would most like to work and prioritise those roles which best fit your personal circumstances.