What personal details should I enter?


carecareers has a new “People Search” feature which allows employers to find you and potentially offer you a job - but if, and only if, you want to be found.

You control what an employer can see, and you decide what information, if any, you wish to share with the employer.  carecareers respects your privacy and will never reveal your personal or contact details without your permission.

If you choose to be visible to employers, here is what they will see:

People Search content
(from My Profile)
Visible to Employer
First Name Yes
Last Name No
Email address No
Password No
Profile picture/avatar Yes
Phone number No
Preferred Work location/areas Yes
Preferred Profession/Role Yes
Preferred Work type (F/T, P/T etc.) Yes
Next Career Move Yes
Employment History Yes
Education/Qualifications Yes
Files No
Tags Yes
Short summary Yes
Long summary Yes

Remember to use the content that can be seen to your best advantage. Be sure to include everything you can offer an employer – it could make all the difference!

Your description can include:  Personal strengths * characteristics * experience * achievements * salary expectations* what’s important to you *languages spoken *other interests * and anything else you’d like an employer should know…

Any questions?  Contact us on info@carecareers.com.au or 1300 637 637


Can my current employer see my profile?

Yes – but only if they advertise on carecareers and choose to use our “People Search” feature. If you are at all sensitive about being seen, you can de-identify yourself as follows:

  • Use a nickname instead of your first name
  • Use a generic term like “Disability Organisation” instead of the Employer’s name.
  • Use a picture avatar instead of your photo.