People Search for Employers

carecareers is proud to announce the arrival of People Search – a new way to target talented individuals looking to advance their careers in our sector.

What is it?

People Search is the new talent-sourcing module that enables employers to search carecareers’ database of participating jobseekers and contact promising candidates directly.

How does it work?

People Search operates in a similar way to our job board, but with jobseekers listing their skills, qualifications and work history in an easy one-page format.   Employers can search for candidates by Profession/Role, Location/Area, Work-type, Availability or Keyword.


Access People Search here:


  • How large is the database?
  • How do I contact candidates?
  • Why can’t I just phone them?
  • Why do I have to advertise in order to use People Search?
  • How many candidates can I contact?
  • How is usage monitored?
  • How much does it cost to use People Search?


How large is the database?

Tens of thousands of jobseekers have registered with carecareers, and hundreds more join every month.

However because this is a new development we need them to first give their consent to be searchable.  The task of encouraging them to update their profiles is now underway, but it will inevitably take time.  The pool of listed candidates will steadily grow and we will keep you posted about progress.


How do I contact candidates?

Once you have identified a candidate of interest, contact is just a click away via a simple email template.


Why can’t I just phone them?

To protect the privacy of our candidates, their contact details do not appear on an open website. When you commit to make contact, you will have full access to their contact details.


Why do I have to post jobs in order to use People Search?

carecareers’ brief is to actively grow and develop the pool of employees for the fast-growing disability, community and aged care sector.  Our job board is the sector’s employment showcase, and the greater the range and diversity of jobs on it, the more talented candidates we attract. 


How many candidates can I contact?

The number of contacts you can make will be directly related to the number of advertisements that you place on carecareers, an equitable arrangement that relates supply to demand.  For every ad you post, you can send 10 contact emails (‘ccmails’).


How is usage monitored?

The number of ccmails you send is recorded on your Employer dashboard.


How much does it cost to use People Search?

In the introductory phase, there is no additional charge to your advertising package.

At a later date, a modest fee will apply for People Search. carecareers is a not-for-profit initiative and our price schedules are designed to encourage maximum participation. This in turn helps to build a sustainable, growing workforce.

For more information, contact the Career Centre on  or 1300 637 637.