Route 66


Route 66 is carecareers' free monthly round-up of news stories impacting on workforce and recruitment in the disability, community and aged care sector.  It summarises the key issues that are being talked about in one handy email.

Route 66  is compiled from monitoring a large number of newsfeeds, so let us save you the time and trouble of having to do so yourself. 

Note that carecareers does not necessarily endorse the stories in Route 66 or pass judgement on them; we include them simply to give a snapshot of how our sector is being presented to a broader audience.  As an important part of carecareers' brief is to reach out to potential career changers with no previous experience of our sector, it is crucial for us to get a sense of how our industry might be perceived.  

Why Route 66?  Well we had to call it something, and naming it after our street address seemed like a good idea at the time.

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