People Search Profile

Want to be seen in People Search?  Follow these simple guidelines to build a profile that gets noticed.  

In the table below, the left-hand column shows what you will be asked to complete in your profile, and the middle column shows how it will appear to employers when they view it. (Scroll down to see the completed profile).


What you complete What employers see Commentary

Employers will see your given name only.

A photo works best, but if you’d prefer, choose an appealing avatar.
The map helps an employer get a general idea of where you would like to work.
A dropdown menu lists the standard regions used for job ads. You can select all that you could consider.

Industry standard classifications are used here. Pick the one(s) that best describe what you want to do.

It’s a long list, but be patient. It’s worth it!

Choosing more than one option will increase your appeal, but select what works for you. 

If you select Part Time or Casual you can be very specific - which helps you and the employer.

Make sure you remember to update your availability as your circumstances change.
You can be very clear about what you’re looking for – or say you’re flexible and open to offers.
Include any relevant qualifications. It all boosts your attractiveness to an employer
Not comfortable sharing your current employer’s details? Use a generic description like “Aged Care provider” or “Community organisation”
The employer does not see these in search results. You can choose to share them if and when you are ready. It’s handy to keep files like a resume and cover letter here to save time later.
Here you can make clear your availability and interest in being approached
Tags help you get found, so the more you have the better. Use ours or create your own.

Short description

This is your ‘elevator pitch’ which appears in an employer’s search results.Use it for a brief summary of your top selling points (strengths) that will entice the employer to read on.

Full Description

In this section you get room to say all you need about yourself.  There’s no fixed format, but include important things that will interest and impress employers

Hint: Save time by starting with the last application you wrote. It might not need much editing.
  This line updates automatically. Check in every once in a while to keep it fresh.

And here’s Martha’s completed profile: