Max Hill

Name: Max Hill

Organisation: Carers NSW
Position: Trainee Aboriginal Support Coordinator
Training: Certificate III - Disability Services
“My name is Max Mill 
I attended Dubbo West Primary, Delroy High School and Dubbo High School at which I completed Year 12. I got accepted into university to study to become a P.E. Teacher but never went through with it as I was hesitant to leave family, my mob and didn’t feel I had the ability to complete a degree. 
I am currently working for Carers NSW as a Trainee Aboriginal Support Coordinator; my role includes the project management of the Older Parent Carer Program (OPCP). I am responsible for ensuring older Aboriginal parent carers and their family who have a child with a Disability receive the support and assistance that is provided for them. This program; Older Parent Carer Program, is delivered by Carers NSW in Central West, Orana and Far West areas. 
As an Aboriginal Support Coordinator I wanted to study but didn’t have any idea how it all worked including what courses I could do or how to approach my work to discuss. 
Ray Peckham introduced Carers NSW to the Aboriginal Job Together (AJT) program and through their discussions signed up to the program. 
Ray Peckham, who is the Regional Indigenous Coordinator with NDS, told me that under the AJT program there is extra support available to all trainees signed to the program. 
There were number of things that I saw were barriers to me studying and a major one was my computer skills. At that stage I didn’t know how to use a computer under work conditions. Ray included all of the things that I was worried about in my individual training plan. Indigenous Concepts and Networking (ICaN), a local Aboriginal organisation that mentors and provides all my training assistance designed and deliver computer training and specific training that focuses on my duties at work. I find it really valuable as it’s is done in a way that I can relate to and understand. 
I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the program, it was a real turning point for me as I was never given the opportunity before and didn’t think it would happen in a main stream organisation, plus I was also scared to fail. 
Under the AJT Program and having support people to fall back on, I believe this is the right way to go to train and skill up our mob. I am 8 months into my traineeship with the program and I am now able to do my unit work for my certificate online! I have Ray and the team at ICaN that supports me all the way. My attitude to work and study has changed because I feel like I am not in it alone. I wouldn’t be this far ahead without the support of the Aboriginal Jobs Together program and the extra support that comes along with it. 
Max Hill
February 2014”