Participating in a community or job seeker event is a great way to find out more about the disability and community care sector and to expand your network. Events can include open days, awareness days or weeks and expos.

Saturday Night Rebels Program In Townsville

17 June 2017 until 17 June 2017

Our Saturday Night Rebels program is a fantastic way to keep your kids (and their siblings) active and social over the weekend.

At CPL, our Saturday Night Rebels program is a fantastic way to keep your kids (and their siblings) active and social over the weekend.

Your child can have a great time making friends and learning new skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Our program in Townsville is specifically for teen​agers with a disability aged 12-18 and their siblings. Our staffs are fully trained to provide support to kids with all abilities, from low to complex support needs. Register now! 



CPL (formerly Cerebral Palsy League)
55 Oxlade Drive, New Farm