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PO Box 1894
Western Australia

Kimberley Family Support Association (KFSA)

To enhance the wellbeing of people with disability who are living in the Kimberley.

To increase the opportunities of people with disabilities and their families through access to appropriate services, programs and active participation in community life throughout the Kimberley.

Our People
We have a team of dedicated staff that work for the organisation.

Our Support Workers are professionals who focus on working with clients to achieve their goals. These individuals work one to one with clients on a regular basis providing this very important assistance.This support can involve in-home, out of home and community activities. Our Support Workers are not only supporting clients but also role modelling for the general community when out accessing community resources. KIFSA supports our Support Workers by providing them with training and opportunities for professional development. We work with Distance Learning Australia to allow our staff to obtain Certificate level qualifications.
Our Coordinators are valued for their professionalism as well. They implement and follow direction from the Executive management. This is a vital part of the role as it ensures that there is a smooth flow of information at all levels of the organisation.Our Coordinators set the standard we expect from our Support Workers, creating a team of respected individuals. They also provide direct support to clients, which ensures that they are aware of issues and can be proactive in service improvement. This role is an essential one within KIFSA. Our Coordinators are working every day to advocate for clients, develop relationships with other community services and to ensure that Support Workers are supported.

KIFSA recruit for the following positions; Support Workers, Coordinators and Executive.
We look for professionally minded individuals to join our team to help people with disabilities to achieve their goals.

Phone: 08 9192 5979


  • Children's services

  • High support

  • Coordinator
  • Disability Support Worker
  • Early Childhood Educator
  • Information Officer
  • Social Worker
  • Training and Development Coordinator