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Lvl 19/179 Turbot St

Five Good Friends

The international study, ‘Blue Zones’ researched the world’s longest-living people. It found friendship as the key factor contributing to their longevity. The ‘stress shedding’ power of friendship enhances the life of these people who live their full and long lives in their own homes and communities. On average, these men and women have a circle of five to six good friends who travel through life with them. We found inspiration and purpose in this story. It is the reason Five Good Friends exists. To provide people help at home, when they need it, so they remain close to their good friends, their community and the life they know.

Five Good Friends offers a full range of in home care services – from companionship to medical assistance to handyman services - to private members or those with government aged care packages. Five Good Friends has a market leading app that combines professional human care with the benefits of modern technology – allowing members and relatives full transparency over the services delivered to their home. Our Care Advisors ensure that there is a compatibility match between our helpers and members while monitoring that the correct services and maximum possible hours of help are provided to all our members. 


  • Assessment and case management
  • Community access/Social participation
  • Domestic services
  • Home visiting
  • In-home personal care

  • High and low support

  • Community Care Worker
  • Personal Care Assistant