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12 Blackburn Street
Western Australia

Directions Disability Support Services Inc.


Directions provides relationship-based, personalised and individually tailored support to people throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Directions has an excellent reputation for providing high quality support that is flexible, creative and inclusive, and we welcome the opportunity to share management with families. We support people to achieve their aspirations, and get the very best out of life by:


  • Supporting people to become active members of their community;
  • Enhancing confidence and helping people build independence skills;
  • Assisting people to volunteer and work towards employment;
  • Helping people build their social skills through groups such as Teenspirit;
  • Finding ideal host families;
  • Providing all the support and personal care necessary for people to get the most out of every day.




Directions runs a therapy model that aligns with all of our existing relationship-based services. Our therapists work collaboratively with support workers, families, accommodation providers, teachers and education assistants, effectively creating a team of therapy assistants around the person to ensure continuity and ongoing progress.


Group Services


Directions offers Group Services across a number of locations, catering for a vast range of needs and abilities. Our main areas of focus are social groups and life skills development groups. Directions also hosts the long standing Kenwick Social disco.

We are currently running the following programs:


  • Teenspirit Saturday and School Holiday Program
  • Friday Night Social Groups for Young Adults
  • Life Skills Development Groups


Host Families


Host families’ welcome a person with a disability into their family home on a full time basis, or sometimes just for weekends or short breaks. A host family provides an opportunity to support a person with disabilities in one of the most natural and beneficial ways possible: through connection, participation and a mutual sharing of lives.

Directions will help you have the choice to join in family and community activities and encourage lifelong learning; increase independence; promote friendships; and enable you to actively contribute and be a part of your community.

Phone: 08 9262 4900


  • Respite and support

  • Complex support
  • High support
  • Low support

  • Disability Support Worker
  • Manager/Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Volunteer