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Cnr Orient St and Museum Place
Batesman Bay
New South Wales

Campbell Page Employment Services

We help people in difficult situations to regain independence. We do this by helping them overcome personal obstacles and learn the skills they need to become valued members of the workforce and their communities.

It might be a personal, health or financial issue holding them back. Whatever it is, we work with them to overcome it.

And whatever their situation, we work in a way that allows for it. The age, background, strengths and weaknesses of every individual are different.

Whoever the person, we give them the opportunity to learn new skills and overcome their particular obstacle. And we don’t stop there. Once they start a new job, we support and advise them for the first year.

It’s all part of our commitment to give people everything they need to achieve personal independence. By doing this we help them break free from a cycle of poverty. Once free from that cycle there’s an important secondary impact…

With each Campbell Page success story, the overall wellbeing of the local community improves a little. And person by person, year by year, it all adds up to a better Australian society with more and more people contributing.


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  • Low support

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