True Stories: Rodney Martin – I value the relationship that I have with my clients

Rodney MartinI had a friend who was working at The Housing Connection (THC) and she used to tell me how much she was immersed and happy in her work, and I thought I might be good at the work too.

I’ve been at THC for 3 years now and I support a number of clients with their day to day activities, visit health professionals with them, or support them to access a chosen activity. I also help them deal with any day to day issues that they would like help with. I also meet with colleagues to build on our knowledge and skills together.

I value the relationship I have with my clients, which is a mutually beneficial two-way client-carer relationship. The relationship ensures that the clients have the best support possible and it brings me happiness and joy in my job.

One of my clients is Tina, who has worked in a disability enterprise for many years. She is now in her 50’s and approaching retirement by slowly reducing her work hours and increasing her leisure hours. Tina is known for the little things she says, which reminds me of the typical true-blue aussie family. When I am with Tina the bond is like the one I have with family. I enjoy chatting with Tina about the things she wants to talk about, and on some occasions we go out for dinner or on an outing. I have even had Tina over to my place for a dinner party.

It is a lot of fun and I get so much joy from seeing Tina happy and smiling. She is very caring towards people and I just love that about her. Tina will also give most things a go which is also in the true aussie spirit. Tina and I also share some common interests like gardening, food and TV.

Tina particularly likes the TV program, ‘Getaway’, as one of her strongest interests is travel. Tina collects travel magazines and also spends a lot of time chatting with the girls at her local travel agency.

When I took Tina away for a holiday I wanted to surprise her with her own special travel DVD in a similar format to Getaway. I got together a 25 minutes DVD of her ‘Getaway’ trip, which was done in my own time as a gift to her, so that she will always remember the holiday and be able to see herself on ‘Getaway’.

When I was away with Tina it was just a great opportunity to be out of the norm and I got to know her on a completely different level which was just great. We had lots of fun but the best part was being able to make her feel like the most important and cared for person. A special bonus for me was that I will hold that memory for the rest of my life.

Rodney Martin

Social Educator

The Housing Connection (THS)


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