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I’ve always had an interest in contributing to and building better societies, which is why I studied politics and sociology at university. I ended up working in journalism because I enjoyed research, writing and telling people’s stories, but found I couldn’t make the difference to society that I wanted to within the media. The care sector on the other hand gives me the ability to help ensure everyone has opportunities and a good quality of life. The other thing that’s great about the sector is that life experience really counts here – it doesn’t always come down to degrees and qualifications.

I’ve been in the sector for 15 years now and held a variety of roles in mental health and disability day programs and residential settings, and I’ve also done a lot of project work. During my time in the sector, I often didn’t know where a role or project might take me, but I always just went with it as it helped me learn and lead me to my current role.

I’ve been the Quality and Service Development Manager at On Track Community Programs for seven years now and it’s an incredibly varied position. My responsibilities include internal auditing, working with external bodies to ensure On Track is meeting the appropriate industry standards, contributing to annual reports, writing tenders, managing the quality management system (QMS), and working with the executive and staff to ensure documentation is accurate and service delivery is achieving the outcomes and needs of our clients. I also run some training sessions and mentor staff so everyone has the opportunity to continually improve.

My days are never dull. One of the reasons for this is that I don’t base myself out of head office – I don’t even have an office space there. Instead I float around as many of On Track’s sites as possible, working out of them for a few hours or days so I can stay in touch with what’s happening on the frontline. This also allows me to see first hand the positive results for our clients and to hear their success stories, which is my favourite part of working in the sector.
Navaya Ellis
Quality and Service Development Manager, CS10

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