True Stories: Lucinda Bruce – Doing what I can to help out

Lucinda is an All Rounder – a Business Services Supervisor with the Endeavour Foundation in Mackay, Queensland.

Lucinda Bruce

My role pretty much is helping out wherever needed. I returned back from Maternity Leave this year to find my role as Esafe Supervisor had changed as well as where I was situated in the workplace.  I perform office duties on a daily basis as well as filling in whenever a staff member is away on holidays, to help out!

Endeavour Foundation Mackay is a great facility that offers great opportunities to those with a disability. It’s been an honest privilege being a part of this company.

I continue to learn something new every day and Endeavour has inspired me to follow on with where I want to be in life. I’ve met some fantastic life-long friends along the way!

What I most value about my role is the experience with several different people with an intellectual disability. They have shown me to value life and given me a more positive outlook on life. We’re all different in our own ways and every one of us is perfect in our own way. I get to mentor and be a guide to many supported employees who make working in this sector worth it by helping them achieve their goals and help them life a normal life.

Lucinda was a finalist in carecareers Workmate of the Year 2106.  Part of her nomination read:

“Lucinda is a true all-rounder, who works hard, gets on with everyone, shows respect and care to all and is a real asset to our workplace.  Lucinda is also studying for her Certificate 4 in Business by correspondence, while working everyday Monday to Friday and raising a baby…

Lucinda is a very caring, compassionate person and has earned the trust and respect of all of our Supported Employees/Staff/Families/Carers.  Lucinda deserves our respect, gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and care she puts into all of the tasks she does at our work place. “

Lucinda Bruce

Endeavour Foundation

Mackay, Queensland.

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