True Stories: Danielle Wright – surrounded someone with disability

wright_danielle editedAll my life I have been around someone with a disability. My father was diagnosed with Post-polio syndrome before I was born, and in my later years of high school he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. My mother is my father’s carer and she is a big inspiration to me. When I left school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was working Part Time at Woolworths and completing a Cert 3 in Tourism and Travel, however that didn’t interest me. I wanted to do something more to help people, just as my mum helps my dad.

I thought about doing nursing but I was worried about whether or not I would like it, so I decided to go for a job as a care worker for ADHC. I didn’t know a thing about looking after someone but I got the job! The first time I showered a client with MS I had to brush the client’s teeth. After the job I cried as I hadn’t thought before how lucky I was even to be able to do things that seem so little but mean something major to someone else. I then started do more high care work and it really opened my eyes to the different types of disabilities people can have.

After four years as a care worker with ADHC, I decided to try for something more. I had called up The Mai-Wel Group and asked if any jobs were going. After talking to their HR rep, I was asked to come in for an interview the next day. After the interview I thought I hadn’t got it, but sure enough, the next day they rang and told me I’ve got the job!

I was so excited; it was a positive career change for me at the right time. I am now a Support Worker in the Transition to Work program and I love my job, to be able to help clients even with small changes makes it all worthwhile. The clients are great and the support staff and management are a great team. Everyone pitches in and helps and provides support for not only the clients, but for me as well. Every day I get up and I still love my job.We get paid to hang out with awesome people and help them, and they appreciate everything we do whether it is getting them work experience or just being that someone to sit and listen to how they are doing. We go along to work experience with our clients to help support them, we also have sessions based on training the clients how to be job ready, and how to live independently. The program is fantastic and I have never met such an amazing bunch of people!

Danielle Wright

Support Worker

The Mai-Wel Group

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