True Stories: Greg – never stop learning!

Greg_ADHC_editedI am a Registered Nurse at a large residence in Northern Sydney. I am the Recreation Officer for the centre and develop, program, organise and facilitate the recreational pursuits of the clients. I also provide an avenue for ex-clients to continue to participate and maintain their relationship with the other residents and staff.

I also provide training to staff, and liaise with various community groups to provide and promote inclusive recreational programs. One of my greatest
beliefs in this field is the need for people with a disability to have a presence in the community and the majority of my programs set out to deliver that.

Some examples of this are the Ten Pin Bowling League which has run for 15 years and involves both people with disability and people without. We are also
involved with NSW Softball in a slowpitch competition where we compete in an open competition on a weekly basis. Our team has participated in
the NSW State Championships and have been recognised in the Premier’s Awards for Social justice.

I got into the sector when I left school and applied to do my Psychiatric Nursing Certificate. At the interview, because of my sporting background, I was advised I would make a great recreation officer and I set about embarking on that career path.

After completing my course I attended the University of Technology and gained an Associate Diploma in Recreation. This also heightened my belief that education is essential to the development of an individual and that we should never stop learning, and always leave ourselves the opportunity to grow through education.

I then attended the Australian Catholic University and gained an Education Degree (Habilitation). I was fortunate to gain a scholarship to St. Norbert
College in Wisconsin, USA and spent 6 months studying Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and working with children with special needs.

Throughout these periods of training I have worked in the field of recreation and I believe that this specialised area meshes with my strengths and abilities.


Registered Nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist)


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