True Stories: Chris Duffus – 91 sets of traffic lights!

For 7 years I travelled from Wollongong to Sydney for my job. On a good day it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get through the 91 sets of traffic lights, but these days it takes me 2 minutes and two sets of lights to get to work!

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I was working in a marketing role for a large company in Sydney and was being paid well – but I paid for it. My job took up a lot of my time and I sacrificed a lot. I had a young family and was looking to change careers paths. Fortunately, just at the right time, I saw an ad in the local paper for my current job.

I’ve been working as the Operations Manager at The Disability Trust’s Illawarra Vocational Services (IVS) for 6 years now. Our supported employees provide lawn mowing and garden maintenance services, and some packaging services, for businesses in the Illawarra region. We’re like family to many of our employees and we provide support to them in many areas.

I’ve always been connected to the disability sector. When I was studying at university I worked in group homes. It was a challenging experience but I enjoyed it.

I also have a connection through my family. I am one of 6 children and one of my brothers has non verbal down syndrome and autism. I grew up with this as a normal part of my life and I witnessed people’s lives changing as a result of my brother – anyone that comes into contact with him can’t help but be a better person. He has had a big impact on my life.

I get a sense of reward from my job and I’m happy and proud to be doing what I’m doing.

Chris Duffus

Operations Manager

The Disability Trust

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