True Stories: Charlotte McManus My marketing move from the corporate sector

One of the highlights of my day is around 10.15am when some of the people Sunnyfield support, who work in our factories, wander down to our corporate building on their morning tea break.Charlotte-McManus_roles

I get regular visits (and special handshakes) from Chrissie, who always shares his plans for the weekends and enjoys telling me what he has to nibble on for his break. I am always guaranteed a smile and quite often we have a laugh about what we have been up to.

Before Sunnyfield I worked for a couple of corporate organisations, both in Australia and the UK (as I am English), including global banks and some public relations, promotions and communications companies.

Coming into the not-for-profit sector was a new experience for me and, of course, there were initial and obvious differences between the sectors, such as budget restrictions and culture. In the NFP sector I have also found that people believe so much more in what they do, which results in great passion and dedication from each and every person.

Instead of focusing on profit and loss statements, success is measured by experiences and feedback from the people we support, our members, families and staff. What we are working to achieve is different to the corporate sector, and for Sunnyfield our objective is to enrich the lives of people with a disability. Everyone in the organisation plays a very important part in making this happen.

There is nothing like coming into work and knowing that just by doing my job I may be helping someone to achieve their dream of publishing a poem, or telling their story to the public through a magazine article – to be a part of this is something very special and I am always left feeling inspired and lucky to be in such a valuable and rewarding role.

As a marketer, working in a NFP organisation also really pushes me to be more creative, with little resources, and sometimes with no budget. This has forced me to think about innovative ways to spread our message, which is a definite challenge – but a fun one, that’s for sure!

Charlotte McManus ­

Marketing Coordinator




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