True Stories: Charbel Trad – Making today better than yesterday

Charbel Trad, CPL

True Stories: Charbel Trad – Making today better than yesterday

Did you know that CPL provides services for more than 8,000 children and adults all across Queensland? We have many dedicated employees who work hard to make sure that every one of our clients receives the services they need to live the life they choose.


One such employee is Charbel Trad, one of CPL’s Service Facilitators at our Browns Plains service.

Charbel has been working with CPL for four years and shares with us what a day in his life looks like…


8.00am – I arrive at work with a coffee in hand, time to get ready for a busy day!

8.30am – Time for our morning team meeting! This is where we discuss what is happening across the day and make sure that everyone understands what’s coming up in the few days ahead. It’s also a great chance for me to check in and say hello to many of our support workers who I don’t see every day. This is also where I collect everyone’s timesheets to make sure we all get paid on time!

9.00am – Now it’s time to check my phone messages and my in tray for anything that may have happened over night or that I missed yesterday afternoon. Many of our clients have overnight or evening support, like meal preparation or assistance with getting into bed for the night. It’s my job to check in and make sure everything went smoothly.

9.30am –My email inbox is packed! I need to spend some time sorting out and replying to emails this morning. I’ll organise some meetings with staff and also clients and families for next week, plus book some of our new employees into CPL training. We have three new support workers starting next week; it’s exciting that our team is growing.

10.00am – I jump in my car and head out on the road for some home visits with our clients. We meet over a cuppa and I check in to see that they’re happy with their services and discuss any changes they might like to make. My motto is ‘make today better than yesterday’ so it’s important to me that our clients and our staff are supported in the right way to achieve this and live the life they choose.

1.00pm – Back in the office after a quick bite to eat, I’m now going to spend some time working on rosters and this involves a lot of phone calls to staff and clients. It’s my responsibility to ensure there aren’t any vacant shifts and I work together with my team to make sure everyone knows what hours they are working and where. I have to say I work with some fantastic clients and staff – it makes me love coming to work every day.

3.30pm – Tomorrow our Browns Plains service is hosting some training for our new support workers – time to set up the meeting room for local induction and manual handling training. I will be facilitating the training tomorrow which is something I really enjoy – it’s great to have the time to meet our new team members and welcome them to the CPL team.

4.30pm – Home time! I’ve got a busy day tomorrow.


What is a Service Facilitator?

CPL has a team of Service Facilitators who work in nearly every region across Queensland.

Every day they work with CPL’s clients and their families and make sure they’re happy with the services they are receiving.  How? Often Service Facilitators communicate with many different organisations outside of CPL (Department of Housing, Public Trustee, Department of Communities) to make sure our clients are receiving the best support.

They also help to supervise, train and support Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) and Support Workers in their team to ensure everyone is working together to provide the best possible service.

Do you or someone you know think they have what it takes? Visit to find out more.

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