True Stories: Ashely Chettleburgh – Caring for all

I wish that I’d found the disability sector earlier, instead of only four years ago. But I’m here now and it’s the place I’m definitely meant to be.

After high school I did a range of different jobs, but nothing really clicked until I entered the care sector. I got my first taste of the sector while working as a security officer in a mental health unit at a hospital. Even though it wasn’t part of my job, I always made the time to speak to the patients and I seemed to be able to connect with them. This made me consider a caring career, such as a paramedic or mental health nurse, but before I enrolled in further education, I saw a disability support worker role advertised at Aspire and applied because it gave me the opportunity to start helping people immediately.

As a disability support worker I worked with clients with a range of needs. I worked my way up to a senior support role for a challenging behaviour unit, then moved into an office-based job to support accommodation managers. The HR team then poached me for the work health and safety (WHS) role. This became my current position of Safety and Wellbeing Officer. During my time at Aspire I’ve done loads of training in a variety of areas. Right now I’m doing my Certificate 4 in Work Health and Safety, and then I want to do a Diploma of Human Resources. My theory is that you need to continually learn and train so when the opportunity arrives to climb the ladder you’re ready to go.

The Safety and Wellbeing Officer role is largely divided into two areas: safety such as all the WHS requirements, programs and procedures; and wellbeing, which supports staff to live a healthy lifestyle. I’ve always been interested in health, so this role is perfect for me as it combines my desire of helping others and living a healthy life. The care sector is all about caring for others, but I think we need to remember that we can’t provide a good quality service to clients if we’re not caring for ourselves as well.

Ashely Chettleburgh
Safety and Wellbeing Officer, CSS6

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