True Stories: Anthony Rohr – Contributing to the sector!

I am the Human Resources Manager for The Mai-Wel Group and when I applied for my role I was attracted by what it offered for my career progression and the potential to use my existing experiences and skills. I also knew that what I would contribute through my role would benefit the disability sector, the community and people with disability.Anthony-Rohr_edited

A typical day for me can include a diverse range of activities, most of which contributes to maintaining or improving the environment that staff work in. This can include working on policies, such as flexible working arrangements, to resolving a conflict between staff or putting in place activities for training and development.

Working in this sector offers an exceptional avenue for career development, achieved for me through a range of forums and networks where people and organisations are open to sharing their experiences and resources for the broader development of the sector. As a result, I’ve been able to implement best practice approaches at Mai-Wel through what I’ve learnt from other leading organisations.

The other aspect that continues to inspire me is the commitment and dedication of staff. People are engaged with what they do. A person working in the commercial sector put it to me, “Mai-Wel has volunteers that go to work, who we pay.” For some lucky ones who don’t need to work for money this is true, but for the vast majority of staff enjoying something they get paid for is a great job to have.

It is great to work in an environment where people are striving for a common cause and are contributing to the lives of others. Positive things are being achieved every day.

Anthony Rohr

Human Resources Manager

The Mai-Wel Group


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