True Stories: Amanda Clarke – A massive leap of faith!

Amanda Clarke edited

It took a massive leap of faith to make the transition from working in a role providing financial planning and share trading advice within an investment bank to working for a not-for-profit organisation in the community services sector.

I had been working in the financial services sector for seven years after completing post graduate qualifications in Financial Planning and Stockbroking. I moved to Sydney from Western Australia in 2008 to follow my career goals (and I’ll be honest – the big bucks). Being alone in a new city, I took any opportunity I could to meet people at social and professional networking events in an effort to make some connections outside of the office.

True Stories: Casey Goh – Steep learning curves

Casey GohI feel my cultural background has definitely helped me to be able to relate well to my clients at Sunshine, where I am working as a Casual Support Worker.

I was born in Malaysia and came to Australia with my family when I was 5 years old. At times I did experience discrimination when I was growing up, just like many different cultural groups. Even today I do experience it, but I think my openness in dealing with different situations and my constant exploration has allowed me to be able to overcome a lot of that discrimination. I have always pushed myself to be exposed to different things and to mix with all sorts of people. I am curious about everything and I’m able to overcome a lot of challenges.