True Stories: Nick Pascuzzi – Just be yourself

Nick.jpg – Cars and driving is one of Nick Pascuzzi’s favourite hobbies

My relationship with FSG is a little different to other people’s. I am both a staff member and a client. It all started when I was a teenager. I joined one of FSG’s social groups for people with a disability. I joined the group so I could mingle with other people and make friends. I also let FSG know that one of my dreams for the future was to get a job, so they helped make that happen by enrolling me in a 12 month community literacy program. The course really made a difference to my life! It helped with my English, math and money skills. I wasn’t really good at any of that before, but now I am.

After that course, FSG asked me if I was interested in doing a traineeship with them. You bet I was! I said to them; “You don’t need to tell me anymore. I don’t have any questions – just sign me up now!” So that’s how I became a staff member and a client.

I’m the Office Administrator for the Leisure and Events team. My job involves answering the phone, computer work, filing and general office duties. I also help out at our events when I’m not attending them as a client. I love everything about my job. Every little bit and every big bit.

The study I did for the traineeship was a Certificate 3 in Business Administration. It took about a year to complete. To my surprise, the trainers nominated me for the regional traineeship awards! To my greater surprise, I was shortlisted as one of the top three trainees! I didn’t end up winning, but that didn’t bother me. I didn’t need to win an award – I was just so pleased I got to do the traineeship. It was nice to be recognised though.

The traineeship has helped me understand more aspects of my job and taught me how to do so much more, which means I am more independent and need less help from those around me. Mind you, if I need help, I’ll still ask for it!

Having a disability hasn’t ever stopped me doing anything. Well, the muscle and nerve disorder has prevented me from playing sports, but that’s it. I try hard at everything I do, including my work. The most important thing all people, but especially people with a disability, need to remember in life, and when trying to get a job is that you just need to be yourself. Just look where it’s gotten me! Who knows where it’ll take me next.

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Nick Pascuzzi
Office Administrator
FSG Australia – Freedom. Social Justice. Growth

True Stories: Harkeet Sandhu – A helping hand!

When I finished high school, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. There wasn’t a specific job or career that stood out to me.

So I chose a degree that I found interesting and figured that everything else would fall into place. I did a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I was fascinated by the human mind and how people interact. I thought that a psychology degree would offer me many skills and open up many doors for me. It did.Harkeet Sandhu

The first door the degree opened for me was the door to the rest of the world. After uni I went to South Africa to volunteer. I spent three months at Horizon Farm Trust doing a variety of things including conservation work, building and developing recreational activities for people at risk of being recruited into gang cultures such as people with mental health problems.

It was an exciting, rewarding adventure. And I wanted more of it.