Drop-In Community Living

True Stories: Helen Walker – Multi-skilling was a prerequisite when I entered the sector!

Helen Walker_edited

I oversee the service and systems management of my organisation, including financial management, staff supervision and support. I also coordinate service funding and policy development, reporting to the Board of Management and liaison with the community and our funding bodies.

I entered the community sector as a volunteer. I had just moved to a totally new area and had three young sons, two with disabilities. I desperately needed an outlet and contact within the local community.

I started as a meals on wheels driver and then worked as an office receptionist at the local neighbourhood centre, before being employed as the ‘pay person’ at the centre.

True Stories: Rodney Martin – I value the relationship that I have with my clients

Rodney MartinI had a friend who was working at The Housing Connection (THC) and she used to tell me how much she was immersed and happy in her work, and I thought I might be good at the work too.

I’ve been at THC for 3 years now and I support a number of clients with their day to day activities, visit health professionals with them, or support them to access a chosen activity. I also help them deal with any day to day issues that they would like help with. I also meet with colleagues to build on our knowledge and skills together.

I value the relationship I have with my clients, which is a mutually beneficial two-way client-carer relationship. The relationship ensures that the clients have the best support possible and it brings me happiness and joy in my job.