Disability welfare

True Stories: Emma Riley – Making a difference through physiotherapy!

During my physiotherapy training I had a placement in disability and I really enjoyed it, so I decided to explore this area further by volunteering at an organisation called the Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was an amazing, eye opening and fulfilling experience that I intend to repeat.

In a typical daEmma Rileyy for me at work I will usually have a visit booked to a see a client at their home, school, workplace, or maybe a playground. I need to first prepare for the visit by gathering appropriate materials, assessments, toys and relevant information on the client.

At a visit (depending on where we are up to) we discuss the client’s needs, functional goals, current level of achievement, and in conjunction with the client/family/carers, we discuss ideas of how we might address the goals set, then follow-up on progress.

True Stories: Brendan O’Connell – e-Inclusion – work or play!

I first started in the disability sector as a casual Residential Support Worker whilst studying and I found it flexible and enjoyable, and it fit in with my lifestyle. The experience I gained in the role also gave me a firm grounding in operations at a service level and it certainly helps me now with understanding some of the challenges people face when living in supported accommodation and accessing services.

I’ve always had an interest in video, editing, photography, and all the associated equipment and technology, and I was first introduced to the concept and benefits of using this medium, as a form of accessible information for people with intellectual disabilities, when I was working in the United Kingdom (which was over a period of 4 years).

True Stories: Jade Morrison – I learn something new everyday!

Jade MorrisonI sort of just ‘fell’ into the disability industry. I was 17 years old and wanted to help people but I didn’t know how. TAFE recommended I commence my Certificate III in Disability Welfare and see where I went to from there.

It wasn’t long before I started working in group homes and day programs. I was even lucky enough to represent the industry at Canberra House and meet with John Howard (PM) for Disability Awareness Week. At the time, I was one of the youngest people in the field and was able to take some residents from the Group Home for a BBQ on the lawns. It was an amazing day.